14 April 2014

Colder each week
From Paul Kelly's Facebook page - Been riding the beach path and swimming at Elwood most of the...
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07 April 2014

From Paul's Facebook page - I've been to a couple of great parties in recent weeks. They brought this...
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25 March 2014

The Story So Far
Hosted by 3RRR's Jacinta Parsons & musician Sunny Leunig The Story So Far features conversations and...
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12 March 2014

From Paul's Facebook page - I worked with young hip-hop duo FLYBZ on a song last year. They wrote it. I...
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03 March 2014

Wrap up
From Paul's Facebook page - Kira Puru sang the last song Friday to wrap up our sessions with a big bow....
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28 February 2014

From Paul's Facebook page - Dan Sultan came by Merri Shoals. Vika and Linda too. Singing all taken care...
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24 February 2014

Back in the studio
From Paul's Facebook page - Been laying low, enjoying our hot summer. Back in the studio this week...
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21 January 2014

Lucky Jim
From Paul's Facebook page - I've not read a better description of a hangover than this. From Lucky...
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