25 August 2016

Stroud live stream
This Friday 26 August, at 9.00pm UK time tonight, Paul's gig at The Convent in Stroud will be streamed to the...
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24 August 2016

Shows in the UK & Europe
I’m heading to the UK and Europe with Dan Kelly for some shows in a couple of weeks, starting at The Edinburgh...
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18 May 2016

Video - My True Love Hath My Heart
The video for 'My True Love Hath My Heart' featuring Vika Bull. Video by Andy Doherty.  
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11 May 2016

Video - Sonnet 73
The video for Sonnet 73 by Sunny Leunig.  
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04 May 2016

Video - Sonnet 18
The video for Sonnet 18 by Lucy Dyson.  
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23 April 2016

Seven Sonnets & A Song out now
Seven Sonnets & A Song is now available worldwide on iTunes. For physical orders, please visit the following...
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23 March 2016

Shakespeare 400, Sydney
Paul is pleased to announce that he is headlining the Shakespeare 400 at the State Library of NSW, Sydney. He will...
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10 March 2016

Shows in Ireland
Paul is currently in Ireland and looking forward to shows in Cork and Dublin this weekend. Ticketing details for...
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25 February 2016

Seven Sonnets & A Song
At the stroke of midnight, as Friday April 22nd ticks over to Saturday April 23rd, the day Shakespeare died 400...
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06 January 2016

Tamworth solo show
Paul will be performing a special solo show as part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival on Sunday 24...
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13 August 2015

A Day On The Green
We are pleased to announce that The Merri Soul Sessions will be touring A Day On The Green this Nov / Dec....
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07 August 2015

Falls Festival 15/16
We're pleased to announce that The Merri Soul Sessions will be joining the Falls Festival line-up this...
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24 April 2015

Anzac Day - A Letter From A Trench
I wrote and recorded a song last year called after Sam Worthington sent me a picture. Ross Irwin arranged it and...
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09 February 2015

New Merri Soul Shows Announced
Paul is pleased to announce more shows for the successful Merri Soul Sessions tour, which has sold out shows since...
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12 December 2014

The Merri Soul Sessions Out Now
The Merri Soul Sessions is released in Australia today. It’s available from,...
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01 December 2014

The Merri Soul Singles, Vol. 4.
From Paul Kelly's Facebook page: The last of the Merri Soul Singles is out today. It features Vika and Linda...
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03 November 2014

The Merri Soul Sessions Tour
From Paul's Facebook page: You may have noticed some Merri Soul shows popping up here and there. Today,...
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31 October 2014

The Merri Soul Singles, Vol.3.
From Paul's Facebook page: Our third single from The Merri Soul Sessions is now out. Another double A side...
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02 October 2014

The Merri Soul Singles, Vol. 2.
From Paul Kelly's Facebook page: Kira Puru and the Merri Souls perform 'I Don’t Know What...
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04 September 2014

Merri Soul Sessions at Bluesfest 2015
Let’s get the show on the road! We are excited to announce that the Merri Soul Sessions has been added to the...
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17 July 2014

PK Presents - The Merri Soul Sessions
Some of you may remember posts from me in February and March this year re  recording sessions with Clairy...
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15 May 2014

Never left Istanbul
From Paul Kelly's Facebook page: Went from Europe to Asia this afternoon. Came back to Europe tonight. Never...
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10 May 2014

It's raining all over the world
From Paul Kelly's Facebook Page: No more sleeps! Well, maybe on the plane. Piano lessons shelved for a while...
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14 April 2014

Colder each week
From Paul Kelly's Facebook page - Been riding the beach path and swimming at Elwood most of the...
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07 April 2014

From Paul's Facebook page - I've been to a couple of great parties in recent weeks. They brought this...
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25 March 2014

The Story So Far
Hosted by 3RRR's Jacinta Parsons & musician Sunny Leunig The Story So Far features conversations and...
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12 March 2014

From Paul's Facebook page - I worked with young hip-hop duo FLYBZ on a song last year. They wrote it. I...
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03 March 2014

Wrap up
From Paul's Facebook page - Kira Puru sang the last song Friday to wrap up our sessions with a big bow....
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28 February 2014

From Paul's Facebook page - Dan Sultan came by Merri Shoals. Vika and Linda too. Singing all taken care...
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24 February 2014

Back in the studio
From Paul's Facebook page - Been laying low, enjoying our hot summer. Back in the studio this week...
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21 January 2014

Lucky Jim
From Paul's Facebook page - I've not read a better description of a hangover than this. From Lucky...
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08 January 2014

Home now
From Paul's Facebook page - Spent a nice coupla hours watching cricket and chatting at the Maidan in...
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04 January 2014

India changes everything
From Paul's Facebook page - We came to Mumbai for an Anglo-Indian wedding. Followed the groom - cousin of...
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01 January 2014

New year's resolutions
From Paul's Facebook page - Happy new year to you all from the many cities of Mumbai. The Gateway to...
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29 December 2013

From Paul's Facebook page - Chilli makes me happy. (Udaipur spice market.) PK
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25 December 2013

Not a Santa in sight
From Paul's Facebook page - Happy Christmas from Rajasthan, land of the maharajas. On a train today from...
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21 December 2013

21st of December
From Paul's Facebook page - It's the 21st of December, we're off to see the Taj Mahal. (Singing)....
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17 December 2013

From Paul's Facebook page - I'm going to India tomorrow for three weeks. Just looking around....
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11 December 2013

North American online store
Paul's North American online store is now up and running.   Some of the items available include;...
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27 November 2013

Boy Out Of The Country
From Paul's Facebook page - Saw Boy Out of the Country last night. It’s a rhyming play but not in a...
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21 October 2013

Goin' Your Way
On Friday 8 November, Paul Kelly & Neil Finn will release 'Goin' Your Way', a live DVD, blu-ray and...
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10 October 2013

From Paul's Facebook page -     I got my jaw broken in a punch up after a Hunters and...
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07 October 2013

Homeward bound
From Paul's Facebook page -   Heard lots of good music on the weekend in Golden Gate Park,...
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05 October 2013

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass
From Paul's Facebook page -   The sun is shining in San Fran. Amazing. Dan's arrived in a green...
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02 October 2013

Hanging in Nashville
From Paul's Facebook page -   Still hanging in Nashville, working on tunes with different folks....
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26 September 2013

Paul and band will be performing at Homebake in Sydney, celebrating Homebake's 18th birthday and the 40th...
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24 September 2013

Been a lot of places
From Paul's Facebook page -   I've been a lot of places Though not, alas, to Greece But I...
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04 September 2013

Merchandise sale
Thanks to everyone that came out to Paul's Spring And Fall tour.   There are a few items of...
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03 September 2013

One tour ends, another begins
From Paul's Facebook page -   One tour ends, another begins. It's that kind of year....
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15 August 2013

It's a wild life
From Paul's Facebook page -   Day off in Sydney. Straight to Bondi Beach but cold, windy, no body...
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09 August 2013

Conversations With Ghosts
Today ABC Classics release the recording of Conversations With Ghosts - a project combining the talents of Paul...
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29 July 2013

Hitting our stroke
From Paul's Facebook page -   The band that swims together plays together. Thanks, Horseshoe Bay....
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05 July 2013

Presentation Night
Next week Paul Kelly and Bob Murphy will be participating in Presentation Night, a brand new event that will take...
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01 July 2013

Eulogy for Dr Yunupingu
MAN OF BALANCE     He called me brother. He called the whole country and the whole world...
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26 June 2013

National Portrait Gallery
The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra is currently featuring an exhibition of artist portraits and photographs...
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20 June 2013

Rock Dogs v Megahertz
From Paul's Facebook page -   Melbourne. Cold. Sunny. Bike rides. Cooking. Poetry. Football. Come...
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09 June 2013

On our way home
From Paul's Facebook page -   The crawfish shall inherit the earth…..(I’m now someone...
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06 June 2013

Spring And Fall Australian tour
Last October Paul Kelly released his 19th studio album ‘Spring And Fall’. This July...
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03 June 2013

Pittsburgh, south side
From Paul's Facebook page -   Bliss at Big Dog Café. Week eight of the tour and a proper...
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28 May 2013

Woodstock, New York
From Paul's Facebook page -   We strolled the streets of Woodstock on a Sunday afternoon before...
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20 May 2013

So long, Canada
From Paul's Facebook page -   Niagara Falls. Gang of four by falling water. So long, Canada. You...
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15 May 2013

Conversations With Ghosts
  Conversation with Ghosts, the show co-written by Paul and James Ledger and performed by them last year...
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13 May 2013

From Paul's Facebook page -   Our bar odyssey continues. We had a fun show last night at Zanzabar...
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10 May 2013

Madison haiku
From Paul's Facebook page -   Madison haiku: In a college town Young lovers on the green...
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08 May 2013

In the saloons
From Paul's Facebook page -   Dan and I are a bar band these days. Palomino, Brixx Bar and Grill,...
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06 May 2013

Point of interest
From Paul's Facebook page -   Tonight we'll lay our heads down in Yorkton, two thirds of the...
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04 May 2013

Snow, pines, streams, peaks, elks
From Paul's Facebook page -   We crossed The Rockies yesterday. Snow, pines, streams, peaks, elks....
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02 May 2013

Follow the blue line to the Y
From Paul's Facebook page -   Canadian Customs kind today Smiled and waved us on our...
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28 April 2013

Fuel stop, Utah
From Paul's Facebook page -   Fuel stop, Utah. Greg Weaver, aka The Dream, at the wheel. The Dream...
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27 April 2013

Salt Lake City
From Paul's Facebook page -   No more American airports now until we go home. Yay verily. Flew into...
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20 April 2013

California sunshine
From Paul's Facebook page -   Dublin to Santa Barbara was the full 28 hour catastrophe –...
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13 April 2013

Mistress Mine
'The Card Players' by Paul Cezanne c. 1892-5     From Paul's Facebook...
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10 April 2013

North American tour
Some more dates have just been added to Paul's North American Spring And Fall tour, which will coincidentally...
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01 April 2013

LEAPS AND BOUNDS. Paul Kelly survives the 80's By Richard Guilliatt, The Monthly, April...
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20 March 2013

Watch Paul Kelly & Neil Finn concert
Click below to watch the full Paul Kelly & Neil Finn concert at the Sydney Opera House. This performance was...
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18 March 2013

YouTube streaming live tonight With only one more show to go, FINKEL is almost over. For those of you that...
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18 March 2013

Live review: Royal Theatre, Canberra
BMA Magazine, review by Glen Martin   Royal Theatre, Canberra, Sunday February 24 We attend shows...
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18 March 2013

From go to whoa
From Paul's Facebook page -   It’s always a good feeling to get to the end of a tour but...
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11 March 2013

FINKEL streaming live on YouTube
Get some popcorn, get some drinks, gather your pals. On Monday 18th March YouTube will be streaming FINKEL live from...
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28 February 2013

In the groove
From Paul's Facebook page -     In the groove with Neil and the gang. He’s stolen my...
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17 February 2013

A morphing show
From Paul's Facebook page -    Finkel has fired its first shot! Nerves a-jangling but mucho...
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09 February 2013

From Paul's Facebook page -   Home from the cool USA, home to heat, a ride along the beach path, a...
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03 February 2013

Toronto and Cleveland Shows Re-scheduled
It is with great regret that we announce the re-scheduling of Paul's Cleveland and Toronto shows next...
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25 January 2013

Win a signed Maton guitar
To celebrate the release of 'Paul Kelly - Stories Of Me' Madman are offering one lucky person the chance to...
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24 January 2013

Mountain Stage
The lovely team at Mountain Stage are re-broadcasting Paul's performance from March last year. You can...
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21 January 2013

New Kelly & Finn shows added
We've just added three new shows on the Paul Kelly & Neil Finn tour, at Rochford Winery in the Yarra Valley...
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20 January 2013

Things to do after your show
From Paul's Facebook page -   THINGS TO DO IN MINNEAPOLIS AFTER YOUR SHOW Get a ticket to Prince...
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17 January 2013

Squawking and talking
From Paul's Facebook page -   Went west, north, south and back again on my Chicago rounds today,...
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16 January 2013

For those of you in the US - Paul will be on Chicago's WGN TV tomorrow at 12.45pm (CST) to perform a...
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07 January 2013

Talent Night
From Paul's Facebook page -   Nearing the end of a week on the Sunshine Coast with my many siblings...
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21 December 2012

US & Canada shows
Paul will be in North America in January/early February for a handful of shows. All details and ticketing...
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19 December 2012

When In Rome....
From Paul's Facebook page -   I went to Auckland Sunday night to visit Finn the Younger and Elroy...
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14 December 2012

Words & Music
Paul Kelly - How To Make Gravy By Phil Kalkulas, Melbourne Review (Dec 2012)   Whether...
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10 December 2012

Love And Affection
From Paul's Facebook page -   I'm sorry to say we won't have vinyl of Spring and Fall...
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03 December 2012

Tram Sessions
From Paul's Facebook page -   “Rocking, rolling, riding, all aboard the tram...”...
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30 November 2012

True Tears Of Joy
From Paul's Facebook page -   Came to Sydney early this week to record True Tears of Joy, a Hunters...
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09 November 2012

New Found Year video
From Paul's Facebook page -    Being a big fan of the artist Lucy Dyson I asked Nick...
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08 November 2012

Australian Tour 2013
Two of Australasia's greatest singer songwriters Paul Kelly and Neil Finn, will bring their iconic songs on tour...
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19 October 2012

Spring And Fall out now
Paul's 19th studio album, Spring And Fall, is on sale in Australia today (available on 6th November in North...
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15 October 2012

Multi-touch book
Available now a peek at the making of Spring and Fall. Made with iBooks Author, explore behind the scenes...
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02 October 2012

New Found Year
Listen to ‘New Found Year’, the first single from Paul’s new album Spring And...
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01 October 2012

Paul writes for The Monthly
DESERT SONGS: THIRTY YEARS OF AUSTRALIA'S HIDDEN HIT PARADE By Paul Kelly, written for The Monthly (October...
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21 September 2012

Instagram Competition
In anticipation of the release of Spring And Fall we're going to be running a photography competition on...
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20 September 2012

Spring And Fall
If you follow Paul on Facebook you may have noticed some snippets of info he has been sharing about his new...
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31 August 2012

Pleasant Pastures
From Paul's Facebook page -   We finish our little UK runaround tonight in Brighton. Last...
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28 August 2012

Nottingham Canal
From Paul's Facebook page -   Ran along old Nottingham Canal this morning and up around the castle...
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14 August 2012

Foggy Gippsland
From Paul's Facebook page -   We finished the last mix of Spring and Fall today in foggy Gippsland....
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24 July 2012

Paul Kelly - Stories Of Me
A brand new film which charts the life of Paul Kelly, will feature as part of a unique film event set to tour...
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15 July 2012

A Family Affair
From Paul's Facebook page -   Have brought Spring and Fall (working title) up to town for a few...
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29 June 2012

Conversations With Ghosts
This October, Paul will be joining recorder virtuoso Genevieve Lacey and Australian National Academy of Music...
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30 March 2012

Rolling Stone review How To Make Gravy
Paul Kelly Writes 568-Page Liner Notes for Career-Spanning Box Set By Jason Cohen, Rolling Stone (30 March...
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29 March 2012

Goodbye America
From Paul's Facebook page -   Lamingtons, anzac biscuits and sausages rolls laid on backstage at...
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24 March 2012

The I-5 from LA to San Fran
From Paul's Facebook page -   The I-5 from LA to San Fran is a weird drive. Dry bare hills, plains...
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19 March 2012

Live review: Club Passim, Cambridge MA
By Stuart Munro, The Boston Globe   Cambridge - How often do you get to see an artist who...
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02 March 2012

Song Of The Week
From Paul's Facebook page -   Goodbye, Austin. Goodbye Barton Springs, Big Stacy pool....
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28 February 2012

When In Austin....
From Paul's Facebook page -   Arrived Austin last night after long haul from Melbourne, including...
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20 February 2012

US Tour Competition
For those of you that have yet to discover Paul's official Facebook page, we recommend that you jump online and...
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01 February 2012

Paul writes for The Monthly
GUMBO: ALLEN TOUSSAINT AND NEW ORLEANS By Paul Kelly, written for The Monthly (February 2012...
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09 December 2011

US/UK Tour 2012
In touring news, Paul Kelly will be returning to the UK and USA in February and March next year with his popular A...
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08 December 2011

How To Make Gravy Audio Book
Just in time for Christmas comes the release of the How To Make Gravy audio book, as read by Paul Kelly. Featuring...
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09 November 2011

How to Make Gravy goes digital
  Paul's critically acclaimed memoir 'How To Make Gravy' is now available as an iPhone/iPad...
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04 November 2011

How To Make Gravy Paperback
How To Make Gravy, Paul Kelly's mongrel memoir, is now available in paperback from all good bookstores. You can...
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30 September 2011

Live Review: Rockwood Music Hall, New York, USA
By David Fricke, Rolling Stone (USA)   A stood for 'Adelaide,' singer-songwriter Paul...
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07 September 2011

Where to buy 'How to Make Gravy' outside Australia
  'How to Make Gravy' is available through the following links:   UNITED...
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01 September 2011

Live Review: Bush Hall, London, UK
By Andy Fyfe, Mojo Magazine (UK)   A cult artist in the UK but a national treasure in Australia, Kelly...
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30 August 2011

Live review: Bush Hall, London, UK
David Sinclair, The Times UK   The Australian singer Paul Kelly has written a lot of songs over the 30...
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09 August 2011

The A To Z Shows overseas tours
Paul Kelly will soon be taking his A To Z Shows to the UK, Ireland, US and Canada in support of the international...
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14 February 2011

Paul writes for The Monthly
Paul has written a piece in this month's edition of The Monthly which you can read on their website and he is...
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01 February 2011

Paul writes for The Monthly
THE NEW CASTRATI: TOO MUCH HEAVEN ON THEIR MINDS By Paul Kelly, written for The Monthly (February 2011...
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29 November 2010

The A to Z Shows
On September 27th Paul’s long-awaited memoir was released through Penguin Books, its genesis in a series...
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03 November 2010

Awards and upcoming shows
On Wednesday 15 December Paul will be inducted in the EG Awards Hall Of Fame at The Prince Bandroom in Melbourne....
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18 October 2010

Album Review: The A to Z Recordings
By Michael Dwyer, The Age   THIS eight-CD box, recorded live over six years, solo or with spare...
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15 September 2010

How to Make Gravy at Meredith Music Festival
Paul Kelly performing at Meredith Music Festival in December 2009. Filmed and edited by Rob McCafferty. Thanks to...
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13 September 2010

How to Make Gravy
On Monday 27 September Paul Kelly is set to release his self-described 'mongrel memoir', the result of two...
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16 July 2010

Dan's Dream, Paul's Book & Fire
Hi all,   Dan Kelly's new record Dan Kelly's Dream is just about to drop. It's...
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22 May 2010

Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air
  I picked up the ringing phone. Paul Grabowsky was on the line."Paulus," he said, "it's...
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04 April 2010

Thoughts in the Middle of a Career
By Robert Forster, The Monthly   It can seem futile trying to chase down biographical material on Paul...
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01 February 2010

Paul writes for The Monthly
STRUTTING & FRETTING By Paul Kelly, written for The Monthly (February 2010 edition)   In show...
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01 July 2009

Paul writes for The Monthly
THE PRETENDIES: THE ART OF THE SPOKEN INTERLUDE By Paul Kelly, written for The Monthly (July 2009...
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01 May 2009

Paul writes for The Monthly
C90 By Paul Kelly, written for The Monthly (May 2009 edition)   In my last year of high school the...
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15 November 2008

Lyricist Voices the Heart of Our Nation
By Kathy McCabe, The Daily Telegraph   Fans and contemporaries agree, if any musician has tapped into...
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13 November 2008

Album review: Songs from the South (Vol. 2)
By Ray Purvis, The West Australian   If Songs From The South Vol. 1, which covered 1985 to 1997, was...
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12 November 2008

Album review: Songs from the South (Vol. 2)
By Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail   ABOUT half-way through Volume 2, when one of the most heartbreaking...
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04 November 2008

Live Review: The Quarry, Perth WA
By Simon Collins, The West Australian   You don't go to school to learn how to write a song, Paul...
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05 August 2008

Live Review: Joe's Pub, New York, NY
by David Fricke, Rolling Stone US   At a recent New York club date, the Australian singer-songwriter...
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06 June 2008

DVD Review: Live Apples
by Dan Lander, Rolling Stone Australia Packaged in a beautifully illustrated book-like format with a bonus...
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29 April 2008

From Apology, a Hit Song Grows
By Tim Johnston, The New York Times   A song about racial reconciliation with the Aboriginal minority...
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24 April 2008

Live Apples
Many people would agree that Paul Kelly's song writing and performances over the years have given him iconic...
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02 February 2008

DVD Review: Live Apples
By Julia Gaw, Music Australia Guide   Sounding like a John Williamson tune, from Derby to Karratha,...
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01 October 2007

The road from Kununurra to Derby
Rolling Stone tour dirary, By Paul Kelly   KUNUNURRA AND WARMUN: AUG 6: MORNING In a small bush...
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10 July 2007

Paul Kelly by Jeff Apter
By Jeff Apter, Rave Magazine Paul Kelly obviously likes the look of the road less travelled. Who else would...
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07 July 2007

Album Review: Stolen Apples
Rolling Stone Magazine   Stolen Apples still taste the sweetest, even after 50. It's inspiring to...
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01 June 2005

Foggy Highway review
By Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine   Paul Kelly has delivered the goods, yet again. Kelly has proved to...
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10 May 2005

Maths And Moles
Letter from Paul Kelly   You could write a book about The Stanley Brothers song Rank Stranger. A man...
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01 May 2005

Foggy Highway
Press Release, May 2005   Six years after recording his first Bluegrass album, Smoke, with...
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02 December 2004

“Gunnamatta” is the latest feel-good-summer song from Paul Kelly’s most recent album ‘Ways...
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21 April 2004

All Paul
  By Chris Hollow, Inpress Magazine   Paul Kelly discusses double albums, character writing,...
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12 December 2003

A note from Paul re: Ways and Means...
  A lot of the songwriting for Ways and Means goes back to August 2002 when Peter Luscombe, Bill...
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01 October 2003

Ways & Means
By Bleddyn Butcher   Some of us who should know better pronounce "love songs" with a silent...
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01 April 2002

Interview with Paul
By Geoffrey Himes, No Depression Magazine (April 2002)   Paul Kelly’s “Deeper Water”...
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01 October 2000

Roll On Summer
Letter from Paul Kelly, October 2000   I was intending to make an album for release this year but a...
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17 November 1999

Please me, please me
By Sean Sennett, Time Off Magazine   These days, Paul Kelly wears two hats. To cop a phrase, he...
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20 April 1998

Piece for The Australian 1998
  The A-Z of Australian pop, by Paul Kelly   “And another thing I’ve been...
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05 January 1998

Under The Sun in Kelly country
By Vin Maskell, The Australian HERE are many great images of the Australian summer. Call them cliches or...
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03 August 1995

Borrowed words, new music
From Sun Herald (Time Out)   Paul Kelly's new album Words And Music reveals there's a lot on...
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01 October 1994

Paul writes for Rolling Stone
THE BELL & THE BALL By Paul Kelly, written for Rolling Stone (October 1994)   "Sport is...
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09 October 1993

The music of poetry
By John Forbes, The Age Melbourne   Paul Kelly's 'Lyrics'  is a sensible beginning to...
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22 September 1989

The blindside attacker
By Dominic Roskrow, NZ Herald   Perhaps it’s his dark fascination with the strange and unusual....
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30 November -0001

The Merri Soul Singles, Vol. 4.
From Paul Kelly's Facebook page: The last of the Merri Soul Singles is out today. It features Vika and Linda...
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