...nothing but a dream

If I Could Start Today Again
Change Your Mind
Midnight Rain
I Close My Eyes and Think of You
Somewhere In the City
Just About to Break
Love Is the Law
The Pretty Place
I Wasted Time
Would You Be My Friend
Smoke Under the Bridge

His first solo work since 1998's Words And Music, Nothing But A Dream is a solid return. From the wonderfully eclectic Professor Ratbaggy and Uncle Bill records and the hugely successful Roll On Summer EP, he returns in 2001 with his 9th studio album, Nothing But A Dream, lead by the classic single, Somewhere In The City, and featuring Would You Be My Friend? with trademark backing by Nick Cave's right-hand man Mick Harvey, and the acoustic ballad of a homeless man in Smoke Under the Bridge.



RELEASE DATE: 1 August 2001
PRODUCER: Paul Kelly, Mark Wallis and Mick Harvey