wanted man

Summer Rain
God's Hotel
She's Rare
Just Like Animals
Love Never Runs On Time
Song from the Sixteenth Floor
Maybe This Time for Sure
Ball and Chain
You're Still Picking the Same Sore
Everybody Wants to Touch Me
We've Started a Fire

After a music career already spanning over three decades, Wanted Man - released in 1994 - was Paul Kelly's first solo studio album. Backed by a band of mostly American session players (Kelly was living in America at the time), it was a fairly straight-ahead presentation of a new set of Kelly compositions. Stand-outs included God's Hotel (based on a poem by Nick Cave), the lilting Song From The Sixteenth Floor, the reggae-tinged We've Started A Fire and the tongue-in-cheek rock of Everybody Wants To Touch Me.


RELEASE DATE: 1 July 1994
PRODUCER: Paul Kelly, Randy Jacobs, David Bridie