deeper water

Extra Mile
I'll Forgive But I Won't Forget
Queen Stone
Deeper Water
Madeleine's Song
Difficult Woman
Give In to My Love
I've Been a Fool
Anastasia Changes Her Mind
Gathering Storm

The second of Kelly's Americana albums, Deeper Water was originally released in 1995; peaking at #40 on the chart - it spawned the now-classic singles 'Deeper Water' and 'Give In To My Love' which are constants in Paul Kelly's live performances. Displaying a more consistent folk-rock exploration after the experimentation of it's predecessor 'Wanted Man' - the songs detail love, lust and betrayal and sonically these songs marked Kelly as a craftsman with a sense of surprise, and raised Deeper Water a cut above much of what else was around at the time.


RELEASE DATE: 1 September 1995
PRODUCER: Paul Kelly, Randy Jacobs, Kerryn Tolhurst, Simon Polinski